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Our Privacy Policy aims to provide you with a clear understanding of how we gather and utilize the personal information you provide us. It is designed to help you make well-informed choices when utilizing our website (referred to as the "Site") and our range of products and services (referred to as the "Services").


When you access the website, you have the option to share two types of information with us: personal information that you choose to disclose individually, and website usage information that is collected collectively as you and other users navigate the site.

 Personal Information You Choose to Provide

In general, you can access the Site without disclosing any personally identifiable information about yourself, and posting, browsing, and responding to listings all work without the need for an account.
We may gather personally identifiable information you submit, such as your name, contact information (address, email address, phone number), and other comparable data, if you decide to register for an account and/or use our services. Additionally, if you voluntarily include additional personally identifiable information in your listings or send us communications, we might also gather that information.
All visitors can access and view the information you submit when you post a listing in public areas. Please use caution as any information shared in these areas becomes public knowledge. 

You can optionally upload images and/or a description of your product or service. When you publish your ad on the website, people can view the description and photos that are posted.

We have no control over the use that buyer or seller may make of any personal information you give them, whether directly or through using our message system. For any correspondence between you and possible buyers or sellers, we advise using our message system.

Web Site Use Information

The Site uses web server logs and a common technology called "cookies" (explained below under "What Are Cookies?") to gather data about how the Site is used, much like other commercial websites. Cookies and web server logs may collect data about visitors, such as the time and date of visits, the pages viewed, the amount of time spent on the site, and the websites visited immediately before and immediately after the site. Small pieces of technology or code may also be used by us, our advertisers, and ad serving firms to track which promotions and adverts users have seen and how they have responded to them.

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